Aldiara is characterised by:

  • Its high quality of service

  • Its industry specialisation

  • Its rigour in the analysis of positions and environments

  • Its speed of answer

  • Its precision in matching person-position-team

  • Its presence and personalised care

  • Its feedback and the continuous reports we provide to our customers

ldiara was born with the objective of covering the demands for finding and selecting highly specialised professionals. For this purpose, we use the latest tools and state-of-the-art methodology in the field of personnel assessment and selection. One of the must crucial tasks a company faces nowadays is hiring the necessary talent and finding candidates that provide the ideal combination of skills and personality required for a specific responsibility.


Therefore, we meet the growing need for establishing selection procedures which are increasingly systematised and precise. Aspects such as how suitable someone is for a position, the analysis of the impact of the future candidate's personality on the team or department they are assigned to, or the suitability of the candidate’s competencies as regards the position’s requirements, are some of the issues that are left to chance without using rigorous tools or methodologies allowing to measure and compare aspects that are so important for the success of a selection process.



Aldiara - We select talent


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